Make me new

December 17, 2009
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I finally have found my soul that's been lost and
wandering trying to find somewhere to fit.
Its been to a few places its not proud, and its been anywhere that would take it.
I thought it was safe when I found the world that understood.
It was a foggy dream that would keep me content until my heart would stop or break.
Most times I've felt nothing, and it was the feeling I craved.
To be infinite above the world looking down at things I once had.
All I knew was the things that broke me, and the things that made me feel whole again.
Sometimes I would be ripped away at the core,
and I would think I could fix everything.
Make the faces that would turn to see the broken person I've come to be.
Into the shining smiles that I always wish I saw when I would look both ways.
Now its me.
Me against the things that kept me together for so long.
How do I feel the same way without the same things.
Its always a question and answer game.
With more questions then answers.
I feel like without theses things theirs empty spaces.
So many da** spaces, and I can't seem to fill them.
I guess this is growing up.
But I've already grown up too fast.
I've been wanting this.
I have been more talk then show.
But now I'll start putting my money where my mouth is.
I will come out with a new look.
But now its just a waiting game.
Waiting for things to feel alive again.
Waiting for everyone to finally see the person I've always meant to be.
Now is my time to finally be new once more.
So goodbye to the world that always held me back,
and hello to the new world that's not another beaten track.

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