"Death of a Drug Dealer"

December 17, 2009
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Ah the American dream
Most people spend their entire lives in search of their American dream
A false vision of reality obscured by perception
Causes people to do strange things
Even illegal things
But it’s ok to dream…...

Some people are willing to put others in danger
To reach instant gratification
The horrid illusion of profit manufacture
Through drug distribution is sadly quite common
Keep dreaming……

All the lies
All the innocent people killed by the poison you sell
All the families broken apart because of your ambitions
All the times you sold to a youth
All the money you made to survive
But yet made in a sleazy way
Keep dreaming……

Until one day
You will not awaken
The gloomy notes played though a violin
Tell the tale of an ambitious drug dealer’s quest
To achieve “the finer things in life”
Which you had often dreamt of
And now you realize the dream you once had was a nightmare all along.

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