The Father Who Never Was

December 17, 2009
By , Lake Harmony, PA
A father is someone who is there for you. Who protects you from the evils of the world like a superhero protects the innocent civilains from the bad guys, and us a schildren we are the innocent civilains. A father is supposed to support us in all our decisisons and help us learn right from wrong. They are supposed to help us build confidence, give us hope, help us find our identitys as we grow older, and give us morals.
My father wasn't a father at all. He shattered my hope and threw my confidence out the window, he took my dignity as he stole my innocence. I have no identity, I don't know who I am.
I'm slowly learing whats right from whats wrong, learning my morals, and I'm leraing who I am. Getting through the day minute by minute, or even second by second, but somehow I'm alive I made it and I'm still fighting for whats mine...

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