December 8, 2009
By phabian BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
phabian BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
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When we fuss & when we fight & I know it kills
& when were not together it just feels
We are not made equally but I try to stay 100 as possible
Some people say what we have is impossible
But when it comes down to you & me
All we have to do is see
Love can take us anywhere as long as it’s real
So when I look into my heart I know it’s real
It’s the hard times that bring us down
So when were down baby please don’t frown
I've never felt anything like this
May have been something close, but nothing like this
I can feel something warm in my chest
Because you bring out the best
In me
And make me see
What we might can be
If I can wait
And if it’s in fate
& baby if you went away
My life would just waste away
& when your upset I wish I could read your mind
But instead I’m blind
So can you forgive me if I make mistakes?
This pathway is not easy but with each & every step it takes
Me closer to you
Yes you
Baby you are my best friend
You are the one I want to be with till the end
You are my special one, you are my love
So I love you, & there’s nothing but love

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