Dead Butterflies

December 6, 2009
When you meet someone cute
You smile & wink at them
You try to speak but your voice is mute
Yet they still think you're a gem

Everything seems so great
Until they tear your heart right out
Then you see they were just a fake
All you wanna do is pout

Because of you
I have dead butterflies
I sit down & cry
You have no clue
How many times Ive heard those lies
This is the final time Im gonna say goodbye

I really started to care
How stupid I was
Everything seems so unfair
Now everythings a fuzz

Never thought I could hurt this bad
Where my heart was, there's a hole
I should be sad but Im mad
Without a heart I have no soul

Because of you I can not trust
On how someone says they feel
Really thought we could be true
But somehow you slipped away like dust
Maybe one day Ill heal
Somehow I'll make it through

Days went on
So, so must I
Even though I still cry til dawn
Throw my final tears I say goodbye

Now you want me back
You say you have changed
Ive yet to seen it in the way you act
I finally got my life rearranged

There's nothing you can do
Never gonna have dead butterflies
Please just leave me alone
Im never coming back to you
No, I wont fall for your lies
Gonna find someone new

Someone who will not hurt me
Like the way you did
Maybe this time it really will be
Cause in my heart they are hidden

Things seem different now
Being free to love again
As long as they allow
Forever they will remain

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