December 5, 2009
By Ren_Miyazawa GOLD, Anna, Texas
Ren_Miyazawa GOLD, Anna, Texas
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Why can't I breath?
Why do u suffocate me?
Do you want me to die?
Or not live my life?

You left me lying there
A tear or two
My heart has broken
A thousand time

You see me pass you on the street
You pretend I don't see you but you stare at me!
Why do you pretend?

Why do you hate?
What demon has over come thee,
Or is it just me?
Do I see the real you?

Or are you hiding from me?
I wish we were friends!
But you ignore me,
You control me

I'm sick of it
I want to be strong
Not a whimp
Do you hear my crys at night

Or see my tears at day?
I love you
But you never knew
Thats why I left you

I ended the friendship
I got tired of waiting
as my tears filled my eyes
my heart wont quit braking

Its a pile of dust

Why do u suffocate me

When i see your face?
Why do you control me
When I'm around?

Do you suffocate me?
All my life...

The author's comments:
this was about a friend i like at one point he always told me what to do and tried to control me but i cant let that happen its my life not his...

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