Me and you

December 4, 2009
By Anonymous

We used to just play in the garden
The street and just have fun.
We used to play with the toys that are now in
A remembering box about you.
Our lives felt so perfect back then it was like no
One could touch us. It was like we could do anything
And we wouldn’t get hurt or killed.
It was like no one could separate me and you.
This is when we were 3 to about 9
Then that dark day came when you told me you were moving away.
I was so upset because you were my best friend.
But we stayed in contact.
We hadn’t seen each other for about 5 years then we met up.
You looked so different you had grown your hair died it black.
You turned into an emo and so had I.
We started hanging out again every weekend I was so happy.
We spent every single weekend together.
We fell in love but we never went out I guess we thought it would ruin the friendship.
I got boyfriends and you got girlfriends and for some reason we were always
Upset about it.
You told me one day your parents abused you, you hated you live, you self harm you tried to kill your self, you got bullied. When you told me this my heart just sunk I didn’t want to believe it.
From then on we told each other everything.
The funny thing was when you cried or I cried we cried together we laughed together we went throw everything together. The summer holidays came we thought it was a relive the get away from that bullying. We had so much fun in the holidays but you still hated your life. Every time I saw you. You had more and more cuts bruises some which were from your own parents. You had your bad days it seemed you never had your good days any more. The dark day of august the 21st came I got a phone call from your mother saying you had hung yourself and they couldn’t save you.
I dropped the phone I couldn’t speak. I hung up on her and just went to my bed and just cried into my pillow. I couldn’t talk about it to anyone, I still can’t.
I got another phone call telling me when your funeral would take place and where it would take place. A day before your funeral I want to your house and went to your room and took a few things of your. I took your school tie, your bag, your school top, your bracelets, I took anything I could.
Your mum gave me a note and a nucleus that you left for me.
I read the note and it just explained why you had done it. I went of it
At your mum I screamed at you mum and dad saying it was there fault and it was.
The day of the funeral came I felt so alone that day. I still couldn’t talk really.
I spoke at you funeral to just like how I felt and everything.
Kief was there he hugged me we got each other throw it.
Can I tell you something I still think about you every day I still think about what I missed out on and what we could have been? I also think about your face and your voice. I still cry every night over you because I miss you so much. I can’t fall in love my heart is just a black hole without you. I still feel so alone even though I’m not because I have friends all around me. I think sometimes you look down on me even though I don’t believe in heaven.
I still hope you think about me.
I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I hope your happy now.
My friends say your in happier place now and you are happier is that true?
It doesn’t seem like it’s true to me.
When I wrote this poem every sentence I wrote I cried.
Your still my universe. I’m so sorry it took me until last week to visit your grave it’s so hard I just think about when we were little and when we were happy.
I wish you were still here because I miss you.
I’m doing a film poster about you.
I miss you and I always will love you even thought your not here.

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