December 14, 2009
A chilly January evening
The fireplace rears with bright flames.
An old lady sits drinking hot chocolate
Remembering her past days
Wiping her tears
She contemplates her memories.

Shifting around her memories,
She remembers a particular evening
When her love for a young man hearted the flames.
He delivered luxurious chocolates
And many happy days.
But now those happy memories deliver only tears.

Her handkerchief was soaked with tears
From all her past memories,
And passionate evenings.
The man that once stirred the burning flames
Stopped bringing those imported chocolates
And the wonderful days.

Those long lost days
Never cease to bring new tears
Or those worn our memories
And those passionate summer evenings.
The old lady’s bright flames
Had dwindled along with her hot chocolate.

She still remembered those delicate chocolates,
And how she would make them last for days,
Each tasty piece bringing fresh tears.
Her mind was flooded with memories
And never forgotten evenings
That when thought of still kindled the flames.

Those snuffed out flames
Awoke when she tasted rich chocolate
During those chilly days.
Streak marks were left on her face from the tears
And the memories
Disappeared along with the evenings.

She sips her hot chocolate near the dying flames
Trying to remember the memories and those wonderful days.
The evening goes on and so do the tears.

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