If you could see me now

December 4, 2009
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He watched her eyes slowly close
Felt her body go limp,
Feeling his heart rip inside
As he knew she was gone tonight,
He felt the tears stream down his face
Letting them drop onto her heart
Brought her hand to his lips
Fate had finally torn them apart,
She was gone from this world
Gone from this life
But in his heart, she would always stay
A place deep inside his soul
A feeling that would never go away,
She said ‘I love you’ before she passed
The words he’d longed to hear
And now she was gone from him
Those same words made his heart tear,
He bent his head down to her chest
Searching for the erythematic beat
When he found only silence
He saw nothing but defeat,
She was his angel
They were opposites from day one
But somehow they fit together
And made an everlasting love,
He would never forget her
As she was his savior
His friend, soul mate and tender lover,
No other could replace this girl
That he held so gently in his arms
She would never be able to tell him its okay
And when in trouble to soothe him calm,
He didn’t understand, how the world could be so cruel
Taking away the one thing he lived for
Fate has played him like a fool,
He softly rocked her
Silently into the night
No other could take her place
From his life or his heart without a fight,
The wind blew strands of her hair onto her angelic face
He gently stroked them away, putting them back into place
He looked down at her,
She looked as if she were sleeping so peacefully
Felt his heart go weak inside as he knew she would never wake again
Yet he bent his lips to her ear and whispered
“We’ll be together one day again.”
He would not let her go
He would not move from this space
Unless god decided to take him as well
Because without her in this world
It was his time to go too.

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