A Tale of a Beast

December 4, 2009

Here is a tale, one just for you,
a reality of which may not be honestly true.
There once was a girl, her name was Trish.
She lived for one reason, she had just one wish.
She weighed just too much, though only by a few pounds,
But her self confidence was low; it was down in the ground.
She worked out a lot, and really looked great
But it was not enough- she wanted to lose weight.

Search after search and diet after diet,
All failed attempts just made her more quiet.
She lacked so much spirit, she spoke not a word
All day and all night, in her room she was anchored.
Trish was so quiet, she drove herself mad
She sat and she cried, she was so terribly sad.
No friends, no hobbies, no life at all
Just a simple desire, a hope to be small!

One night of the year the stars were aligned
Trish’s fate was soon to be assigned
The cosmos swirled, the moon shined bright
Her life was to change on that given night.
All of a sudden, she picked up the paper
And read of a craze that would quickly reshape her.
The plan was simple, a sprinkle of a potion
The diet would work, her plan was in motion.
The phone was retrieved, the number was dialed
Trish quickly ordered almost 300 vials
The wait for the package was hard to survive
But in a few days time, the liquid arrived
The brew was black, the vial was vile
When added to food, it turned right to bile.
The taste was rancid, and the smell was worse
This was the end, it was Trish’s curse.

Day after day, she would force it down
And quickly she lost the weight, every last pound.
Trish was so happy, she quickly made friends
She got into fashion, she followed the trends.
Her life was in order, and all was so well
Or at least she thought it was, as far as she could tell.
She continued the diet, her eyes began to sag
Shortly soon after her mind started to drag.
It was not long before she began to lose hair
Her skin became scaly, pasty, and fair.
Her eyesight was hinged, and her energy was low
But this did not stop her, her life was a go.
She had friends galore, and was popular no doubt
As she walked through the halls, the crowds would happily shout.
It was quite clear, Trish was not well
But no one would care, no one could tell

Give it some more time, and Trish was skin and bone
Her stomach growled, and her body would groan
But Trish was so happy, her confidence glowed
She was outgoing, her friendliness showed,
But one day Trish awoke, it could not have been true;
Her skin had turned entirely striped—green, black, and blue
Right on her back grew an unsightly hump
Her hands were all shaky, her body rocked and jumped.
Her teeth became crooked, a grimy dark yellow
Her eyes were bloodshot, her expressions were mellow.
On that last dreadful morning, Trish was up and about
Her ears grew pointy; her nose was now a snout
The spine of her back grew sharp rugged spikes
Her nails became claws, and head turned ant-like
Trish was no human; it’s quite obvious to us
But no one even cared, no one made a fuss
Trish was still ecstatic, happy as could be
The world didn’t seem to notice, for Trish was skinny

On the day of her death, when her body gave in
They sat over her coffin “She’s so beautiful and so thin”.

The author's comments:
AHHHG. I'm scared of that monster, she makes me uneasy.

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