So I heard...

December 21, 2009
By Sarahlizbaby BRONZE, Gasport, New York
Sarahlizbaby BRONZE, Gasport, New York
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So I heard that girl really broke you heart.
She led you on then cut you off
She tore you right apart
And left you there to suffer.

So I heard all you wanted was one chance,
to show you love her
Maybe one slow dance
But she wouldn't let you even try.

So i heard you would do anything for her,
But she just let you bleed
She did what she would prefer
But you still hopelessly tried to win her heart.

So I heard she was the one you wanted to hold tight,
The one you can't live without,
The one you dream of every night,
the one you wanted to treat right.

So i heard she left you in the cold,
Standing there empty handed
Lonely, no one to hold
Dreaming of her in your arms.

So i heard you would run the Nile,
Just to see her eyes,
to see her gorgeous smile
Just once more.

So i heard you love her till death,
Till the last heartbeat,
Till the last breath
And you wont ever give up on her.

So i heard she isn't any girl however,
But with your broken heart she has the key
And you will love her forever
And the saddest part it, this girl is me.

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