my life

November 23, 2009
I glance up at the sky and sigh
Days like this just make me want to cry

The sun is high and the clouds are fluffy
My tears are dry and my fears and muffy

My thoughts have led to only one direction
My face mimics my hearts reflection

People ask if I’m alright
I nod and wait to cry all night

For my pain is only a figment of my imagination
Something my mind conjured up and called it a creation

I have a story to tell
It’s about how I fell, fell, fell…

I fell through the troubles of an adolescent girl
Who sleeps at night in a shuddering curl

I have no fewer days than to pull the trigger
But I know that someone is there that is bigger

Someone will take away all my pain
And leave me feeling happy and sane

But till then I’ll close my eyes and rest
And hope that all this misery is somehow a test

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forgottendream said...
Jan. 11, 2010 at 7:08 pm
wow.... i like it
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