War of Blood

November 23, 2009
Clouds of smoke, hearts of hope dont make a harmony.
People dying, children crying dont make a harmony.
Cops in suits, soldiers in boots
dont make a harmony.
this is a war of blood....

Eyes are red, people are dead.
Bullets are zooming, bombs are booming.
Letters from soldiers, their lives in folders.
Men are killed, their purposes unfulfilled.
This war is unjust but to fight it we must.
As the months pass by by, only few remain alive. They want a rest, from this terrible mess.

This is a war of blood...

The smell of rot fills the air, as does the scent of forfeit and fear.
This war is stupid, filled with theories of despair.
This war is wretched, this war is sad.
The longer we fight the more we get mad.
This is the end of this horrid tale.
This isn't a war for nothing but


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