November 23, 2009
By , Amery, WI
How strong is he really?
This man we share.
He can't choose one
And thats not fair.
We could tie him up
And make him choose
but of course
I'd probably lose.
I get him now
But he won't leave you.
Your children, the marriage
You know it's true.
The man's a cowared,
I see that now.
You look at me,
And wonder how.
The mask he wears,
and how he skulks.
Two mistreated liars
But I'll be strong.
I'll end up fine.
Your marriage breaks.
you come
and search for me
to see if I
got off more easily.
I hurt inside.
Just a little bit.
I ignore the pain.
While you want to hit
The woman who
Has wreacked your life
The woman who stole
Your role as wife
I'll sit in wai
But you won't come
The coward that
Your ex hustband became.

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