Mistakes and All

November 23, 2009
By , Bangor, ME
I wanted to say something
and say it to your face.
To scream it, to defend my actions, to redeem my grace.

I wanted to explain myself
and give you reason.
To justify, to apologize, to promise no more treason.

I wanted to ask forgiveness
and ask with sincerity.
To end it all, to move on from, to give some clarity.

But I couldn’t

You said all the words there were to say
and you said them well.
You beat me to the chase, you surrendered them, you made the storm quell.

You needed no explanation
because you already understood.
You rationalized, you concluded, you knew more than I ever would.

You didn’t ask for retribution
Because you only needed to pull my ear.
You acted like father, sharing wisdom with a daughter,

The funny thing was
I had a whole speech planned.
How I’m young and just learning – that for my mistake I shouldn’t be damned.

But you knew all this
and stopped me before I even spoke.
Your words, reasoning over my unspoken own, just then my soul completely broke.

Held back tears unbuckled themselves
my restrained emotions now crying free.
You understood, you forgave and
You accepted me.

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