This City

December 10, 2009
Build it up;
Make it tall and new.
Something the world hasn’t seen
A city of gold,
A city of truth,
A city without worries.
The city streets are filled
With people


It’s hard to miss
The giant golden city.
In the streets you and I dance;
The waltz of love.
As you wave hello
And smile softly
Whispering only what I want to hear.
You hold my hand
We walk in the rain.
You stay with me
Making me feel safe.


You’re not really safe
You’re danger,
You’re wrath,
You keep me with you
I cannot leave
I remain locked away.
You grin a horrible,
Menacing grin
Your face twisted in a grotesque smile.
I wave goodbye as you retreat to the shadows.
The fire burning brightly
As people rush around.
Scathed and scared
All deceitful masqueraders.
The city was their ballroom
They danced in it all night
And now that daylight breaks
We finally see the light.
The city is so golden;
The golden flames
Lick the sky.
The people howl like animals.
The city is on the ground
We sat and watched it burn.
The flames will die at dusk
There is no more dancing.
It’s all the world has seen before
It’s cruel,
It’s evil,
It is:
This city

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