December 10, 2009
By Michelle222 BRONZE, De Pere, Wisconsin
Michelle222 BRONZE, De Pere, Wisconsin
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life is scary, sometimes it scares me, when I'm gone
just carry on, life is rough, I lost my daddy, sometimes I cry and wonder why, the love is dying, my family fell apart, I'm writing this because this is what I feel in my heart, I still haven't lost hope, nope not yet, I'll be strong even if I'm losing life's bet, full of deceit, full of regret, so many struggles, so much pain, sometimes I think I'm gonna go insane, I try to forget about it all and rise when I fall, but there's always something that pulls me back down so I'm left with nothing but a frown, so what now? Just look around, take a bow, get real, look at what I'm dealing with, look at my life, look at my situation, find out how it is to be me, then you will see why I walk around with my head down, why I do the things I do...

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