For The Love Of

December 9, 2009
For the love of my son,
Please do not shoot him and run
Face him like a man, you coward

For the love of my daughter,
Please do not impregnate her and run
Face your newborn child that you brought into this world

For the love of my mother,
Do not let daddy hit you and run
He should be the man that he claims he is and apologize

For the love of my father,
Do not cheat on mommy and run
Just tell her the truth before I believe it is my fault

For the love of my brother,
If you are in pain, come talk to me and do not run
Do not let yourself end up with blood splatted on a suicide note

For the love of my sister,
You can tell me that you went to the doctor's office and he said that you have breast cancer
Now that you are six feet under, I guess I will never hear your answer

For the love of my aunt,
Go to rehab and stop running and living off of cocaine
Don't let the drugs take your good judgement away and drive you to be insane

For the love of my uncle,
Come out and tell the truth
You and I know that you are gay, I saw you with your boyfriend yesterday

For the love of my grandfather,
Say if you are hallucinating about the war you once fought in
Do not become paranoid and deny help when you have post-stress traumatic disorder

For the love of my grandmother,
Do not walk among her shoes, as she did in her day and time
Do not "trick" and catch HIV and say, "It is fine"

For the love of my cousin,
Follow your dreams
No matter how hopeless it seems

For the love of myself,
You do not have to follow the story that I just told
This story is about the love of yourself and how to take care of your physical and mental health

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