December 9, 2009
By Sarina Manetta BRONZE, Commack, New York
Sarina Manetta BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Fall freezes into winter
As the air gets cold and dry
The holidays are around the bend
And snow falls from the sky
When will the blizzard end?
Our new year begins filled with expectation
We gather with our kin
Until the end of Christmas vacation
Then shortly the winter chills
Begin to calm down
And the grass peeks through the snow on the hills
Before we know it, not a speck of snow can be found!

Because winter has melted into spring
There is green grass everywhere,
Birds singing their songs of cheer,
And the smell of flowers in the air
As raindrops fall tear by tear.
The sun doesn’t hide behind the clouds anymore,
And the sky is blue
Except when rain comes knocking at the door.
In the morning the grass is covered with dew,
And flowers bursting with color
There is also an occasional dandelion
And butterflies that flit and flutter
Because spring goes out like a lamb and in like a lion!

Next spring is heated up into summer
School is out
The children can play
Scream and shout
Until the end of the day
They can float in the pool
Or swim in the ocean
Until their bodies are cool
And apply lots of suntan lotion
If they want to play under the sun
At home or on vacation in many different places
And spend endless days of fun
With friends, family and other familiar faces!

Summer cools down into fall
The wind comes is and blows away
All of summer’s memories
Of the carefree days of play
Now they will consist of tests, quizzes, and summaries.
Since school is about to start,
Kids of all ages roam the halls
To classes such as math, English, and art.
These children range from short to tall,
They look out the windows
To see the changing leaves
Of all different oranges, reds, and yellows,
And say to themselves, “Let vacation start. Please!”

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