This Helmet

December 9, 2009
By LemonadeWriter BRONZE, Napanee, Other
LemonadeWriter BRONZE, Napanee, Other
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If this helmet had eyes
it would see the washed out hues.
Battles that were gruesome,
and sacrifices that were true.
If this helmet had a nose
it would smell the soldiers’ fear.
It would smell the saltiness,
Of their scaring tears.

If this helmet had ears
it would hear all their cries
As well as the guns that fire
and the bullets as they fly.

If this helmet had a heart
Its emotions would be true.
But it is left with the soldier,
Who may not have made it through.

It’s only a rusted sheet of metal
that sits strong on a strong man’s head.
Yet all the stories it could tell,
Would be incredibly said.

The author's comments:
This poem is about war and about how the helmet--on a soldiers head--is a witness to all it's foulness.

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