In Fear of...

December 3, 2009
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We all have many fears
Although some fail to admit
Some of my fears are just plain crazy
Some, pretty much legit

It might be weird for me to share
Later I might feel regret
But seeing my fears might just help
Even if it’s just a fine silhouette:

I never ask for things
In fear of rejection
I just let things happen
And try to show some affection

I can never give you 100 percent
In fear of loosing you
‘Cause if I give 100 all the time
I’d have nothing left to give or do

I stay in the safe zone daily
In fear of getting hurt
I stick to what is suppose to be done
But always am alert

I point out positives only
In fear of being aware of the worst
Negative thinking leads to negative events
So I always think positive first

I sometimes hide the real me
In fear of being judged
So I walk with my head hung down low
Continuing to trudge

I rant in times needed
In fear of being misunderstood
I say what I feel is truth
Hoping the turnout will be decent or good

I always say “I love you.”
In fear of you not knowing
I say it with honesty from deep within me
With the hope of our relationship growing

I am constantly very stubborn
In fear of being taken advantage of
So every step is full of caution
Staying away from the push and shove

I continue to act childish
In fear of becoming an adult
The future is a scary place
That holds one thousand ten results

I am always extremely honest
In fear of getting caught
Every word is filled with truth
It’s an important skill to be taught

I never list my fears
In fear of being scared
But looking back on this list
Not even half of them are there

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