December 3, 2009
Looking back on the ways of before
the steps and crashes that I took
each opening and slamming of a door
instilled in me the same outlook
my mistrust which I've come to abhor
which I've tried and tried to ignore
the million thoughts and more
that forever leads to downpour
for this misunderstood sophomore

Guilt always grips my heart
when it comes to human suffering
I want to help
Any way I can
but I don't know where to start

The humanity I try to influence
that can't be reached with vengeance
or hindrance
or the avoidance of prudence in our conscience
that gives credence to our essence
that unites the races of men
and allows us to stand hand in hand
in an idyllic utopian dreamland

The road of selfless service can be isolated
because some fear standing up tall
I cannot even attempt to be frustrated
since I was the most terrified one of them all
The life I lead is unfamiliar to the one long ago
Now I have irreplaceable friends
who have helped sober up my ego
that I consider to be godsends
whom for I'd strain and commit backbends
to make sure our friendship never ends
I am forever grateful for the gifts they bestow.

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