December 3, 2009
By , New Albany, OH
Stormy blue eyes I’ve never been close enough to see

Only in a photo, are they revealed to me

The strength in his body

The secrets in his past

The moments of sincerity

That never seem to last

I would wish he was mine but he’s not the type to be owned

So instead I wish to be his

As I lie in bed all alone

The possibility

That he could want me

Is unfathomable

But my irrational hope

Unties the knots in my rope

That keeps me from falling

Harder, faster, spinning and flying through the air

I don’t mind the fall

Or the freedom I gain when I let my emotions take control

In fact I love it

It’s a comfort to know that I can still feel

But when I hit rock bottom I am, once again, reminded of what’s real

I can’t afford another hurt

Another harsh blow of reality to my soul

So I cover these feelings with a damper

Reduce the flames of desire, to nothing but coals

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