"I Love You" Down Halls

December 1, 2009
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Trip me on the stairs.
blow me kisses in the air.
smile and look in my eyes.
wipe away my tears when I cry.

Hold my hand in the hall.
hug me tight at the mall.
never stop loving me.
let the whole world see.

Kiss me in the rain.
make me forget my pain.
don't leave me alone.
call me on the phone.

yell, "I love you" down halls.
whisper "kiss me" when you call.
drown me in your love.
take me away like wings of a dove.

hold me as long as I need it.
forget all my mistakes a little bit.
don't let me hide my tears.
make me tell you my fears.

I'll walk with you where ever.
I'll love you as long as there is forever.
I'll kiss the ground you walk on.
I'll cry when you are gone.

I'll hold you till I go numb.
I'll wait forever for you to come.
I'll kiss you when your lips are dry.
I'll forget all the tears you cry.

I'll always have your hand in mine.
I'll never let go of time.
I'll understand when you're down.
I'll make you smile, not frown.

we'll last forever.
we'll always be together.
Forever and always, baby

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