The Devil You Know That Sold Stolen Bliss

November 30, 2009
By JazminC GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
JazminC GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
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The shadow of sin
Slowly creeps up from behind.
Creating a bad desire,
An unnatural fire.

Under the skin
Holding back from frostbite.
As the desire is born,
The ice starts to burn.

Tiny earthquakes
Make easy pray.
Falling in pieces,
The hearts slowly love releases.

A shallow grave it makes
As the strawberry tattoo takes you away.
The bruised hibiscus
Makes the conscience feel ridiculous.

Poor little Dragonfly
Had to pay the toll.
The rain before snow falls,
Hid the burning ice’s flaws.

False fortune for the Firefly
Who destroyed the original scroll.
If death ever slept,
The demon thief would have never crept.

The confusing case of lies
Arises a city of ashes.
All the creation in death,
Quickly worked like meth.

As trust between Dragon and Fire dies
There came the death collector.
And as he so went on further,
He left behind his sweet scent of murder.

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