November 24, 2009
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I watch as a curl of black hair hangs in his face
One calloused hand reaches up and pushes it back into place
Dark brown eyes focused, waiting for the birdie to fly over with care
And finally, the feathered ball shoots through the air
I swing my racquet wildly, and miss by a mile
My head drops forward in shame, as I wait for birdie to hit tile
However, a sudden 'thwack!' saves the day
As I hear him shout "Don't worry, I got it, okay?"
I turn to see him finishing the hit with ease
"I think that's a point," he adds, "if you please."
He shakes his head, a chuckle starting to sound,
"You're lucky you have me," he states, smiling a grin that lights up the town.
As I fluff up my hair and readjust my bow,
I simply whisper "I know, I know."

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