November 24, 2009
By annie2006 BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
annie2006 BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
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She sits in the corner, curled up in a ball
As people trample by, running through the hall
On their way to lunch, to eat with their peers
However she has no one to lend a listening ear
Dressed in black from head to toe,
On the ladder of hierarchy, she's the lowest of the low
Day by day goes by, and all she seems to do is cry
And one day she decides its time to say goodbye
Then in class, there's a loud knock on the door
So she looks up hesitantly from the floor
A moment later there's a boy dressed similarly gothic
She sucks in a breath, life no longer seeming so toxic
He cocks his head to the side, matching her gaze
And the girl is sent into an amazing daze
He has the most brilliant eyes,
Spheres of deep brown, that seem to tell no lies
No longer does that girl sit alone
She now has a friend to match her tone

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