November 24, 2009
By Patrisha SILVER, Amery, Wisconsin
Patrisha SILVER, Amery, Wisconsin
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How do you know what time it is
When all your clocks are wrong
I wonder when you sleep at night
Since you call me constantly
Awaking me from my nightmares
The bottles by my bedside
Continue to grow in numbers
And I can’t seem to find my way home
I’m really tired of feeling lost
As if I’m in a maze
And nothing I do and nothing I see is ever the same
Sometimes I can feel myself
Going crazy
And then I think of you
Of all the words you speak to me
And how many of them were true
My fingers move upon the windowsill
Wishing for a way out
Into the air so I could fly
How do you escape from yourself?
A person that you’ve become
A needle stuck in the finger
Drawing a bit of blood
Swirling in the water
Of the gods above
You don’t remember how you got here
And I’m not sure I want you to say
But there’s not a door in this room were stuck in
And no windows to look for our dreams
Eventually you’ll escape me
Before I escape myself
Make me a map
So maybe I can get out too.

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