Your My One Love

November 24, 2009
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Your My One Love

When you say
I love you
or I’m sorry
to me I am not quiet
shore if you are joking,
then when you ask
me if I love you,
will I do and no one can
change or say differently
those three little words,
that I love hearing come from
your lips saying them to me
and not some other girl that
you may say that you say that you love,
but when you talk to me I can sense that
you still have me in your heart,
and right back at you cause I love you back and I mean those
three words that I said to your face,
and when you see me it looks like you had a sad face taking over your face then you see me and you just smile,
and I love that, but why do you act like a jerk when you are around me and your friends and all I can say or question is why
do you have to be like that,
and when I see you date some one else all I can think is that
the girl that your dating is a freakin special girl to have
you in your life and I do have to say that I am jealous
of that girl that you are dating.

And when we did go out
I have to say you are the sweetest guy
when me and you where alone,
when you had your arms around me when I was cold
was the sweetest,
but my best memory of me and you would be the bus ride back
from Keive was the best memory I have of me and you
and I will always remember that long moment that felt short when I was with you on the bus ride back to Hancock to Keive,
I miss that moment and I would do anything to relive that one moment we had together!

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angell said...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 6:13 pm
To my own opinion of my own poem this is like one of my like favorite poems I wrote besides a few others I have written in the past!
Angel Lindsay
=) <3
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