An Ode to Mechanical Pencils with #2 Lead

November 24, 2009
By se00014 BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
se00014 BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
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Your color so yellow,
imitating a real pencil.
Your lead so fine,
so precise,
so pointy.

I never have to sharpen you,
thus friends forever.
Or at least until your lovely lead
runs out.

But I just get a new one,
one of your twins.
That perfectly pink
cylindrical eraser,
that superb lead-filled weight.

O #2 Papermate Sharpwriter USA,
you carry me through tests and quizes,
timed writings and essays.
I carry you in my backpack.

We are together,
joined at the hand,
your ever-sharp point at the paper.
How I love your smooth and thin lines.
You're perfect.
I love you Papermate Sharpwriter #2.

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