Be careful what you wish for

November 30, 2009
By Anonymous

I wish my beam was more gleam
I wish my hair would stand straight in the air
I wish my mother had a brother
And I wish my father had a daughter
I wish the moon wouldn’t leave so soon
I wish the stars would stay at mars
I wish the snow would never blow
And I wish the rain never came
I wish flowers came without showers
I wish the soil never spoiled
I wish the sea was close to me
And I wish Canada was a big veranda
My smile was vile for a while
My hair in the air often scared
My mother and her brother are in love with each other
And my father wishes his daughter was slaughtered
The moon never left anytime soon
And mars was filled with all the Earth’s stars
The snow often dripped very slow
And rain’s nonexistence drove many insane
Flowers popped up like towers
The soil stayed soiled and never spoiled, so the ground was muddy and never a dry buddy
And the sea was close to me and thee
And Canada as a veranda amazed Amanda
So the point of this tale is to make like a whale
Be careful of the wishes made by you, for they may just come true!

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