But My Dog Didn't Eat My Homework

November 29, 2009
By sarahbbarah BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
sarahbbarah BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
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Dear teacher although my homework is not completed
My brain juice is still entirely depleted
When I checked my backpack last night to my surprise
The amount of work due had doubled in size
So I sat down to start it, but what did I find?
199 pages of work, I was 3 months behind!
So I sat there just working with school on my mind
But straight work, as I’ve learned, is not for mankind
My fingers ached, my temples hurt
And then all I could think of was that night’s dessert
My mind started to wander, and I tried to get back on track
But then something came for me full speed to attack
Now I’ve only heard of this beast once or twice
They say he comes for you when you must pay the work price
They call it the Procrastanoozle for good reason
For he comes for the procrastinators during school season

As he stared me down with big yellow eyes
I turned to my workload to say my good byes
I knew that on his back were those four famous sacks
That were said to contain all sorts of knick-knacks
So with that we pretended and fooled on public display
Which then caused the adults to cringe with dismay
They covered their mouths and plugged their ears
For our games brought them back to their youthful years

Oh teacher I come to you not with excuses
But only to prove your constant abuses
For a kid to sit cramped with florescent lights
Is unfair and probably against child rights
I had no chance against the Procrastinoozle beast
With his arrival my attention span immediately ceased
To be honest, I started my homework and quit
Simply because I didn’t feel like doing it

The author's comments:
For my English class we had to write a poem that had a Dr. Seuss type ring to it. This was the piece I wrote and it's my first entry :)

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