Who I've become

November 29, 2009
By Anonymous

They say that the eyes show what’s inside
The two seem to coincide
I don’t agree, I can’t comply
Because, you see, my eyes lie
They’re quite the detractors
from my heart
Quite the actors
They play the part
Day in, day out I’ve mastered this game
Living my life under a stage name
No one to blame but me
It’s a bloody shame can’t you see
I don’t know the real me anymore
This wouldn’t happen I swore
Tuck me in and turn out the lights
I just can’t surmount these heights
Tears spill out revealing my pains
Leaving marks like oil stains
Embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted
My soul is damaged and rusted
What happened to the girl I used to know?
The one with the ever present smile and tender glow
She’s gone away, perhaps for good
The world is a cruel place, she couldn’t have withstood
Just pretend you’re fine, it’s better to be numb
Oh lord, what have I become…

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