Not good enough

November 29, 2009
By J-shaybayybayy BRONZE, Gainsville, Georgia
J-shaybayybayy BRONZE, Gainsville, Georgia
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I promise to always love you, i\'ll never stop talking to you, and somehow baby i\'m gunna make you understand WHY i love you_september 17.

Stomach churning, Hands shaking, Heart pounding, lips quivering, at the mention of your name. No matter how hard I pray I cannot say you want to be with me. Everyday I stand here wondering why I am not there with you. Then my insecurity reminds me that a beautiful face is something of importance to you, so I put on this fake face. I cry because I can not abide by the standards you set so so high. So as you see I can not be good enough for you, forever this will haunt my inner being for the love I was not allowed the chance to give you.

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