The Rose

November 29, 2009
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The Rose

When one is born, a life
is ignited. Time will tell when death
will end the spark, instead of hate
stifling it, the child
will blossom like a rose.

As we imagine a rose
to be robust in life,
so we see a child.
Same as we would loathe the death
of such a lively spark, so we would hate
to sever the flow of love.

If the flow of love
is severed, the bloom of the rose
would fall. Then hate
would prevail to darken the life,
and sadness would bring about death;
whenceforth, there would be no child.

But, let us imagine a child
to whom we give our full love.
Let us guide them from death
and nurture the rose.
Let us embody their life
and teach them to despise hate.

The one who chooses to hate
should be reminded of a child.
They who are robust in life,
who are nurtured by love,
who resemble a rose.
They are the ones who defy death.

Therefore, let us scorn death.
Let us suffocate the hate.
Remember to nurture the rose
that resembles a child.
Give them the abundance of love,
and teach them to relish life.

Accordingly; nurture life, starve death.
Free love, imprision hate.
Treasure the child, and sustain the rose

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