i didnt cry

November 29, 2009
By michealine valle BRONZE, San Ysidro, California
michealine valle BRONZE, San Ysidro, California
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You beat me
I did not cry.
You hurt me
I did not cry
You tore my my world apart
I did not cry.
You tortured my very soul
Still, I did not cry.
I was always strong.
I never shed a tear.
It wasn't until I realized.
That you were gone forever.
Lost from me.
Forever evading my soul.
Never coming back
That I finally cried.
So I write these words
With the first of many lonely
Nights to come.
And the first lonely tears
Falling from my swollen eyes.
I just don't understand.
Why do I love you?
After all the hell you put me through.
You don't deserve it.
Not even a little bit.
But you have it.
So still, the question remains.
Why when your physically hurt me
That it's the emotional
Agony of you're leaving
That I finally cry?

The author's comments:
Dont worry i dont love him anymore... its been about 2 and a half years since we broke up.. i perfectly fine now with out all the pain

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