One KIss

November 29, 2009
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as our lips connected i slightly opened my eyes and to my astonishment it was HIS face replacing the one i was about to kiss. i felt happy as i went in. our lips brushed lightly, slowly until we went a little faster, harder with more passion, but only a little. i was trying to hold back on the kiss but HE was the one i saw as we kissed. as a reflex i pulled back before i do something more, and as i pull away, HIS face slowly fades into the rightful owner's. what seemed like hours of that one kiss was actually only a few seconds, a long few seconds. i open my eyes and find eyes staring at me. i get this urge to lean in once again for the second kiss but i break eye contanct, fearing we might do it again. i loop my arm with hers and walk away . . .

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