Always in my Heart

November 21, 2009
The first time you kissed me,
shivers went down my spine.
Baby it wasn't hard to see,
that you were finally mine.
Baby you made me smile,
when you first looked into my eyes.
I looked back for a while,
baby you gave me butterflies.
When you wrap your arms around me,
baby you take away all my pain.
I hope you can see,
baby you keep me sane.
No one can explain how I feel,
with every sweet soft kiss.
Baby is this feeling real,
because its something I don't want to miss.
I can see that you care,
when you look me in the eyes.
I know you're always there,
with you I'm never in disguise.
You make me feel good,
when you hold me so tight.
You make me feel like I should,
I think of you all night.
You give me butterflies,
when our lips meet.
I can touch the skies,
when I listen to your heartbeat.
Is it such a crime,
to have you on my mind?
Baby you're there all the time,
that is what I have come to find.
We are strongly connected,
baby this I know.
It won't be affected,
it will only continue to grow.
We have a life time,
to show each other how we feel.
Baby I promise everything will be fine,
I know our feelings are real.
Baby my world is in your eyes,
you make me feel at home.
With you I touch the skies,
a feeling I've never known.
You're a card I have been dealt,
I couldn't ask for more.
You make me feel like I've never felt,
you are a new door.
Baby I'm always there,
I promise with all the words I say.
I want you to know I care,
baby I won't walk away.
You mean so much to me,
baby it's so true.
Baby I hope you see,
how much I care about you.
Baby I've come to find,
you had me from the start.
You're always on my mind,
better yet.. baby you're always in my heart.

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