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November 21, 2009
Dear Broken Soul,
I like to sleep close to the wall. I am still scared of the monsters who will grab me and pull me under.

Dear Broken Soul,
Sometimes I wish I was a child once again because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts.

Dear Broken Soul,
I wish to visit the ocean. I want to be the only one there. I want it to be raining, I want it to be cold. I want the fiery star covered by the purple-gray clouds. I want to feel the cold mist spray at my feet, my clothes, my face, my whole being. I wish to visit the ocean, and someday I will fulfill the wish.

Dear Broken Soul,
Looking out the window, the crystalline-looking stars winking back little signals of millions of wishes never made. It's truly sad, how all those beautiful blinking lights will someday fade completely.

Dear Broken Soul,
Have you ever heard the falling of a razor-blade on bathroom floor tiles? The way the beat matches the one of the heart. How the crimson chemical reaction of blood and oxygen dye the floor the color of rose petals. It could almost be called beautiful, it's the scabs and scars that mar the perfection though.

Dear Broken Soul,
Don't worry, I won't let you see my denial. You'll see just my fake smile. Don't worry love, I won't let you see my denial...


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