November 19, 2009
By Anonymous

So I need a shrink and I'm really not all there?
Ignoring me for three weeks and you wouldn't really care.
Maybe my poems do suck and a new hobby I need to find,
At least I'm learning to believe in myself, comforting my mind.

So I will not let you bring me down, I will rise above and true,
No more beating myself up and crying when faulting to please you.
I've been told a new way and this is what I want to be,
Only caring for the ones who believe and care about me.

I'm learning to find my inner-strength, much easier than I thought,
Countless years and countless fears, countless battles fought.
Anyone who doesn't like who I am, well they can kiss my a**,
Because with every waking moment, growing stronger and growing fast.

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