He Did It For Our Country

November 18, 2009
By KaylaMarie♥ BRONZE, Norfolk, New York
KaylaMarie♥ BRONZE, Norfolk, New York
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He did it for our country,
He left my arms today.
I hope that he is safe and he’s okay, every night I pray.
He left the family he calls home, every day we cry.
As she sits quietly watching news, saying please don’t let my daddy die.
He did it for our country he’s fighting to keep free,
He’s far away and fighting hard, I just want him here with me.
Since he’s been gone I wear my heart right here on my sleeve,
I see your picture it keeps up my faith and makes me believe
He did it for our country, everything will be okay,
But it seems I need to worry more each and every day.
He did it for our country, and he called me today at noon,
All I can say is I miss you, dad, please just come home soon.
They ask me many questions I don’t have answers to,
All I know is that there is a day that is dedicated just for you.
He represents our country so this day I do salute,
I’m proud of you, your unit, and I am proud of all our troops.

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