I'm into you.

November 16, 2009
By Jazzyn_n BRONZE, Carol Stream, Illinois
Jazzyn_n BRONZE, Carol Stream, Illinois
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You hair is sandy blonde
Your eyes are blue

I personally think Im almost as tall as you

When Im around you my heart begins to skip
Hopefully my heart will soon not drip

You give me signs and leave off vibes
Im hoping that what we have is not a lie

One day your into me the next your not
I start to wonder what we've got

You confuse me
Pull me right and left
Should I still feed off what I thought we had left

I see you with her and I start to question
What are you doing Mr.?

I feel myself falling for you
This can not be good

No good comes from liking a boy
Cause you;ll play with my heart like its a toy
Soon dropping it leaving it empty of joy

For Ive been there done that
Dont want to do it no more

plz Decide
Or leave my feelings beside

For I dont want to be hurt anymore
Kicked around like dirt

Used once and only once which just isnt fair
Oh how you dare

Either you like me or you dont
I leave the option open to you

But I already know my answer
Im into you.

The author's comments:
This is mainly about this guy that Ive been liking for a while and we're close but Im just not sure what his answer is.

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