You Tell Me

November 16, 2009
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You tell me to move slow
But how slow can one go?
Love is something I need
It's like the air I breath
You tell me to just wait
Because it's my heart that's at stake
How can I be passiant
when it's love i'm chasing
You tell me not to move fast
So I don't have another heart crash
But you don't understand
How bad I want a good man
You tell me i'm nieve
And i'm going to fall in the same routine
Maybe I should listen to my other half
She seems to be on the right track
You tell me I can't handle honesty
Because I know it's how I should be
And that I always glance over my shoulder
Instead of just looking forward
You tell me my mind is all wrong
And I only pretend to be strong
I know "your your worse judge"
When your lonley confused and young
You tell me I should know better
than to conversate in the mirror
Because the truth will be seen
The one who's telling me is me...

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