The Failing Love of the Phoenix

November 16, 2009
By , West Carrollton, OH
A phoenix flew above the skies, beyond this atmosphere, out of sight,
A warmth in space that it could feel, drew it near to death's last grace,
Set afire with warmth, it combusted in the flames, and turned to ashes in zero gravity.

Love is such an unpredictable thing, once warm and inviting, it turns cold and harsh and slowly the flames spread, as ashes fall from already broken hearts.
Truths unspoken turn into lies not unbroken,
And all my efforts to keep the fire going turned only into safety risks.
My heart set on fire, turned to ashes, a sign of death,
And my once only broken heart, died by fiery passion, falling into dust.

Words only spoken, were never actions to be outspoken and who was I to believe, that their words would ever turn into action? Who was I to believe, that what they said was what they meant?
And how can I ever believe again, that anyone will be there for me when I fall? How can I ever trust anyone in my life when all who has been granted trust, has broken it in the same day?
Because I'd rather be sent to heaven or to hell, before I trusted anyone fully again.

Look at the bruises on my arm, because this is what I got when I trusted and this is what I got when I loved.
And stare at the scars on my body, because that is what I received when I came near to that fire.
I wasn't meant to be loved and I wasn't meant to love, because even a phoenix cannot stay near the fire for long.
And I cannot continue on, believing that someone will be there for me in the end.

The phoenix may spread its wings and fly near love... but love is only a fire that creates combustion,
And the love that I have given... was to be returned only in the package of ashes.

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