Beautiful Noise

November 16, 2009
Every now and then I feel like the world is crashing around me
I can’t breathe, speak, or even think straight
I can’t even hear anything going on around me, the world is on mute

When all of a sudden this beautiful melodic sounds cuts through this deafening silence
It immediately brings me out of my stupor
I sit up and smile and it brings tears to my eyes
The music gets louder and flows all around me

I can see myself on stage at Carnegie Hall again
I visualize that I’m the one playing this beautiful noise
That it’s my fingers moving across the keys
In a blink of an eye the once empty seats fill up with thousands of faces
I can feel their eyes on me, but I can’t see them
Just shadows and bright lights

I close my eyes and just let the music consume me
People say that perfection does not exist
However I have found it
Just like it found me
This beautiful noise is flawless, soothing, and inspiring
Absolute perfection

I open my eyes and everything fades away
I’m back in my room just as the final key is played
Even though the song had ended
It’s still playing inside of me
All I have to do is think about it and I swear I can hear it again
That beautiful noise that opened my eyes

Just because the song is over doesn’t mean that I still can’t dream.

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Donna D. said...
Jan. 15, 2010 at 11:52 am
Beautiful....:) Absolutely Beautiful and So are YOU!
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