name poem

November 16, 2009
By elijah padilla BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
elijah padilla BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It is like living in a castle
my middle name is Rey
this means king
I get this middle name from the beast that haunts my castle
she could be mean and nice
but she is big and scary
she thought Rey would be a good middle nam for me
well that is what she that when I was born
I could have a differnt middle name
we are conected at all times
her name is Reyna
I am the king and I stab her
I cry
she is grumpy an mean
but she gave me this middle name for a reson
I dont need to be embarassed
this will stay with me forever
this name is a name that will be a name in my life

The author's comments:
According to my mom, my middle name is Rey.I love this middle name because I know me and my mom are allways connected.I love her; this is why wrot this about me and my mom.

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