"Bengal Tiger"

November 16, 2009
By Hector Nevarez BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Hector Nevarez BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Black or White,
You may ask,
All seems well,
But as you see,
The colors are two pieces of the others,
But just in one,
The missing link,
In between,
This may just be it,
Could these colors just fit in,
With a black or white stalion,
Maybe not,
For the thought,
They may not fear,
If a tear from me,
Is to reveal,
The pain and sorrow,
They may think,
They may live longer,
But as there is more than one,
Black and white,
We live in a place where non is right,
or wrong,
As they express a frown,
People see that mine appears to be upside down,
Yet a smile from beneath,
That cannot Bring usefulness,
May soon to be aware,
Of the one that bares both black and white.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is that latinos(as) come to the United States for a new life, but as there are caucasian(white) and african americans(black) people like latinos(as)fear to come here. Since there seems that more migrate here for education from mexico they see that other races are here, but also there are othe latinos(as) here.Yet a bengal tiger can be feared for what he is and stalions are appreciated for what they are and come in many colors but not feared to achieve greatness.

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