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November 16, 2009
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I don’t know how much More of this I can take.
My heart beats like a Drum.
I feel it in the Pit of my stomach.
I Can’t take this anymore.
The scale numbers Lower every day.
Below my eyes begin to Sag.
Blankets Thrown all over the room by the break of dawn.
Soar throat by the end of nights passing.
Tissues over flowing from the pink garbage can that stands aside the night table.
Countless numbers of Deep breaths,
Constant Repetitions of counting from one to ten.
I don’t know how much Longer I can let this continue.
I’m Scared to Breathe when the air Pierces my heart,
Feels like thousands of Nails Pushing their way in.
It’s as though I just Can’t speak,
Like I’ve Forgotten how.
I Don’t Know what to do any more.
I sit there in silence with a Blank mind,
Curious as to what will happen next.
Everyday is a new day with its New problems.
I Can’t take on anymore.
I just may Snap in half if my voice isn’t found.
I know I can find my Own way Out,
But I just don’t know Which path to choose.
They weren’t kidding when they said life is full of Adventures,
But when does the joy and wonder Return?
Like the days of childhood where Playing in the grass was the Biggest joy of that little ones life.

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