The First Time You Touched Me

November 15, 2009
By PianoDude BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
PianoDude BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
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The first time you touched me

My heart started to sing

Joyous happy notes

Causing my soul to dance

Without words you touched me

The sweetest way you ever could

Getting a tingle in my stomach

Ending up to be completely speechless

Soft, warm ,gentle fingertips

Touching the surface of my skin

Leaves a feeling like no other

Deep in the roots of my heart

You looked deep into my eyes

Reading my mind as you do

Flying over the endless regions of my mind

Ending up to be in my deepest dreams

When you left, and carried on with your life

I’ll always remember the day you touched first me

Still have the same feeling in the roots of my heart

Causing my soul to dance forever

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