The Rain And Me

November 23, 2009
By JdnMC GOLD, Athens, Georgia
JdnMC GOLD, Athens, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Non omnis moriar. "Not all of me shall die."

Close your eyes.
Let the world spin fast around you.
Let the water splash upon you.
Let it caress your face like it ought to.
Set aside the pain.
All the despair that life throws you.
Eveything is well in my world because I have you.
Dwell in the wonder and magic between us.
It's all I now can do.
Stand in the rain.
Let it not cover your tears.
But rather, let it set the stage for you.
Let it embrace you.
Don't let it beat you blue.
Be the one you choose.
Drunk, beaten and bruised.
But with you, I am blessed.
Even with the rain.
So let me be.
With you.
Let the rain beat between us.
Around us and surround us.
My world is a rush.
But you're rushing right beside me.
So everything in my world is okay.
And honestly, it's not.
But we'll let it be.
Because with you and me, everything is grand.
The rain soaks me.
Revealing the real me.
The lame girl I hope you still want.
But remember not to flaunt.
Because the rain knows all flaws.
But don't worry, because it embraces everyone.
Everyone who embraces it.
Don't run from the rain.
Don't run from me.
Don't run from the pain.
One day, you'll see...

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